Cordoba Academy

Cordoba Academy

Cordoba Academy has been set up as an online academy for the instruction of the Sacred Islamic Sciences, merging traditional methods of inheriting and imparting knowledge with modern technology and techniques in instruction. It is a non-profit organization that is not affiliated to any government, ...

Risala Foundation

Risala Foundation

Risala Foundation seeks to build on existing Muslim organizations in the Houston community by providing Islamic education and enrichment for adults. Their events have been developed for all interests and stages of spiritual development. MasjidBuilder worked with Risala Foundation to come up with...

Silicon Valley Academy

Silicon Valley Academy

Silicon Valley Academy was established in 1996 with the efforts of San Francisco Bay area professionals involved with the Muslim community. As the program expands, MasjidBuilder worked with SVA to revamp their website and make it accessible for the staff to update it without too much technical k...


Our expertise and passion is in web design. At Masjid Builder, we build and develop websites that are simple, beautiful, highly functional and well trafficked.

And with no one piece of that puzzle being more important than the others we strive to give your masjid or Islamic center a complete web solution.




Standard Website Example
The Masjid Builder – Standard package has everything Masjid or Islamic center needs... More
Plus Package Example
The Plus package takes your site to the next level by giving you a full suite... More
Custom website example
Our Custom Sites team works on sites for Muslim businesses and organizations... More

Recent Work

Launch: MSA National - May 2010

Launch: Southzone WIS - Mar. 2010

Launch: Everest Academy - Jan. 2010

Launch: Deen Intensive - Oct 2009

Launch: Cordoba Academy - Sept 2009

Launch: Silicon Valley Academy - June 2009


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