Advanced Features

Membership Management

Masjid Builder membership management is a part of our constituency relationship management software, more simply put it manages information and relationships with the people the work with, attend and support your masjid or Islamic center.  Membership management allows you to create and manage various kinds of memberships both paid and free. 

Paid memberships can send automatic renewal notices as well as accept automated recurring payments.  Some examples of memberships would be:  members of the youth basketball team, members of a class, members of a family, members of the fundraising committee, members of a volunteer group, and many others.  With each membership group you can send group specific emails, track attendance at events, participation in activities, donations and pledges. 

Membership management allows you to keep a complete database of community members and of people from the broader community.  You can capture as little or as much information as you would like, developing a rich set of demographic information for your community.  The information can be exported for analysis in other software packages and is a great tool for community planning and development, such as a census for determining what types of youth programs would support the most people. 

Event Registration (RSVP)

To complement your membership management you can offer online event registration and RSVP capabilities to your community.  Event registration not only allows you to communicate event logistics and improve planning, but it also lets you track participation levels in the community and better understand what is keeping your community interested. 

The Event RSVP can be used to accept payments for tickets and send an email receipt to the guest as well as email notification to event organizers.  For limited space events your RSVP tool will keep track of the remaining spaces available and will automatically stop accepting RSVP’s when the event is full and notify site visitors. 

Class Registration

With education being one of the central components of our masjid and Islamic centers, effective and efficient class management is critical to having a successful community.  The Masjid Builder class registration component allows you to collect online registration for classes, including collecting fees, establishing a contact/mailing list and distributing course materials all at the same time. 

The class registration is a particularly effective tool for accurately building class mailing lists to keep everyone apprised of the class events and schedules, and when combined with the Masjid Builder SMS Text Notification, you can keep the class well informed of any last minute changes. 

Fundraising Campaign Management

Masjid Builder fundraising campaign management is one of the most powerful tools in our entire suite.  With the FCM, you will be able to fully and transparently track and manage your fundraising efforts. 

  • You can create as many funds as you need to track separately as well as overall and general funds to track. 
  • You can create graphic buttons (widgets) that show progress of any fundraising campaign and add easily add them to other websites for broader support.
  • The fundraising campaign management lets you track donations from individuals, families and groups both through online donations as well as offline donations. 
  • You can export your campaign information and utilize the data in other software packages including various reporting tools and accounting programs. 
  • You can offer donation premiums and gifts for various giving levels. 
  • Accept and track non-cash donations and gifts. 
  • Create mailing list to send custom personalized solicitation letters, thank you letters and receipts for tax deductible donations. 
  • Easily compile data for annual financial reports and tax filings. 
  • Develop a list to send the annual financial report.

Pledge Management and Automated Follow-up

Accept and document pledges, leverage the existing database to follow up on pledges and manage your pledge conversion rate.  Send automated follow-up emails with payment links and additional information about your fund raising campaign.