Comparison Chart
Set Up Fee$349 $499$899
Monthly Maintenance [details]$75/month $150/month$200/month
Community Calendar   Plus Plan
 Content Management  Plus Plan

Newsflash   Plus Plan
Standard Designs   Plus Plan 
Audio Gallery   Plus Plan
Planning Guides
 Plus Plan
Online Donation Collection   Plus Plan
Support Forums   Plus Plan 
Prayer Schedule 
 Plus Plan
Hijri Calendar  Plus Plan
 Plus Plan
 Newsletters  Plus Plan 
 Community Forum  Plus Plan 
 Polls  Plus Plan 
 Document Exchange  Plus Plan 
 Business Directory  Plus Plan 
 Video Gallery  Plus Plan 
 Membership Management   
 Event Registration (RSVP)   
 Class Registration   
 Fundraising Campaign Management   
 Pledge Management and Automated Follow-up   

MasjidBuilder website packages include three months of required maintenance. This includes client instruction and updates. This is actually our way of offsetting the setup fee and making our sites affordable to all. Extended maintenance plans are available, if desired.