Event Management

Masjid Builder is a great tool for event management.  You can user your site to:

  • Generate Mass Emails to a mailing list
  • Send out electronic invitations
  • Collect RSVP Information
  • Collect Payments
  • Reserve Masjid or Islamic Center Facilities
  • Event Calendar
  • Pre & Post Event Gallery (Audio, Video, Live Streaming Video available as a custom solution)
  • Sending Thank Notes
  • Collecting Pledges
  • Directions and Logistics
  • Developing guest list based on donation support
  • New - Send Text Messages to update subscribers on event changes
these features along with many others are available with your Masjid Builder website. 

Additionally, our member forums and user guides can help you to share and learn best practices for running variious types of events such as classes, banquets, dinners, conferences and conventions as well as smaller events such as weddings, and aqeeqahs.

In addition we have a special Ramadan package (free with all packages) for managing your activities and festivities around Ramadan including online sign-up for providing food, program schedules, calendars and audio/video of classes and taraweeh.