How much will the site cost me? The price of the site will vary based on the package that best suits your masjid. All packages have a low setup fee and a monthly maintenance and marketing fee. A part of finding which package best fits your community’s needs is finding the package that fits your budget and fundraising development goals.
Does Masjid Builder offer any payment plans? All Masjid Builder websites are affordable based on your community’s resources and budget. Each package includes a low monthly fee to make the cost of getting started easier, allowing the site to pay for itself through donations and online fundraising.
Who will maintain the site? To ensure the successful maintenance of the website after launch Masjid Builder supports the maintenance and marketing of the website for the first 12 to 24 months after launch. We find that our clients are more successful at keeping up a strong web presence and maximizing the use of their site when they have professional management and maintenance of their website. In communities where dedicated and accountable administrative staff are in place we offer increased levels of access to maintaining the website.
We are a small community do we really need a website?For small communities having a strong web presence is as critical if not more critical than it is for larger communities. In a small community with limited resources, a solid web presence can greatly improve community visibility and community outreach. A well maintained site is a great way to keep friends and supporters, both far and near, well abreast of what your community is doing. For a small community, a website is one of the best ways to share your needs and highlight your success with the community at large.
Can we accept online donations from the website?Yes, you can absolutely collect donations online. A well marketed website will allow your supporters to make regular donations to your masjid or Islamic center both to general funds as well as special projects such as Zakat or building funds. One of the things that makes Masjid Builder so affordable is the ability of our sites to accept online donations.Online fund raising tools, can greatly increase your masjid or Islamic Center's revenue. Online fund raising should far exceed the cost of developing and maintaining your site.
Can you train someone in our community to manage the website?Yes. At Masjid Builder we are looking to build all of our communities in the best way possible, and we look forward to train your staff or volunteers to maintain your website. While all Masjid Builder sites come with professional maintenance, we encourage you to have at least two community members learn the basics of site maintenance. We offer a full range of written materials and videos as well as webinars to help get you started. Additional training is available throughout the year and various conventions come online women artists, and to individually scheduled training.
Who will own the site?Your Masjid will own your website, with the exception of license images, artwork and copyrighted images. At the conclusion of every contract you may elect to have Masjid Builder continue to maintain and develop your website, or you may maintain the site with the own resources, at which time you will have complete access to all code and content. You may continue to use license and copyrighted material with usage restrictions in their respective licenses.
How do we secure a domain name?Securing a domain name is a fairly easy process and we can recommend a good registrar, or secure the domain on behalf of the organization. Masjid Builder does not secured names on behalf of individuals.
Do you do websites for masajid outside of the United States?Yes, we do websites for masajid located outside the US and Canada. We can develop and host sites for any country, level domain names, as well as, help your organization secure domain name. Inshallah, in 2009, we will have most of our support materials translated into Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Spanish, Bahasa Indonesia, and French.
Can you make a multi-lingual website?Yes, we understand the ethnic and cultural diversity and breadth of many of our communities. Multilingual site can be critical to including and supporting entire community. Typically, we will launch a website in one language and work with you to schedule the addition of other languages. We can direct you to affordable translation services in a few key languages.
Can you make our site in another language?Yes. We can make your site in a language other than English. If English is not the primary language in your community we can still help you to develop a world-class web presence. Your site can be designed to support both left to right languages, such as English, and right to left languages, such as Arabic.
Does the site include email?Yes. Our preferred email application for our clients is Google Apps suite, but we're able to work with your existing e-mail platform. We absolutely discourage using or listing any Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL or other addresses on your website. All e-mail correspondence with your masjid or Islamic Center should be through e-mail addresses with your own domain. Similarly, we discourage the use of Yahoo and Google groups, it is very easy to set up your own mailing lists and subscription services via your website. To encourage community building in support for your organization, you should encourage as much use and traffic of your site as possible. Diverting traffic from our community based sites greatly undermines our ability to shape or promote the best presentation of Islam and Muslims on the Internet.
Our organization is not a masjid or an Islamic center, can you still do our website?To best serve our clients, and to ensure that our focus stays clearly on developing the best tools for masajid and Islamic center development, however we are happy to develop other kinds of websites.  We have bulit and maintained websites for a number of organizations and business.  You can contact any of them through their websites to check our references.