Fundraising Management


e know that one of the key concerns for any Masjid is fund-raising.  Masjid Builder software can help you manage both online and off-line donations, pledges, monthly payments, event ticketing and a host of other fund-raising concerns.

Our software can be integrated with your current accounting system such as Quicken or QuickBooks and help keep your organization transparent, accountable and fully auditable.  In addition to supporting your recording and management activities Masjid Builder offers a  number of online fundraising tools such as:
  • Donation Collection
  • Affiliate Feeds
  • e-Commerce
  • Link Exchanges
  • Event Ticket Sales
  • Class Payments
  • Gift Giving Campaigns (i.e. food, clothing, book drives)
  • Sponsorships and Advertising
and a number of other opportunities that can help your masjid or Islamic center fully develop is fund-raising capacity.

We can take care of everything you need to get started raising funds online along with giving your organization  great tools for managing and complementing your off-line fund raising activities.  

Our team can help get set up to accept credit card payments, help you to build and established mailing list, and help you find products to sell that may be good fundraisers in your community.