Web Design


ur expertise and passion is in web design.  At Masjid Builder we build and develop websites that are simple, beautiful, highly functional and well trafficked.  And with no one piece of that puzzle being more important than the others we strive to give your Masjid or Islamic center a complete web solution.

A good web presence starts with having something worth saying, something that people want and need to hear.  A website for a Masjid or Islamic center can be one of the primary voices for any community. The question is who will hear that voice and how will they respond, what action will that voice call the people to. Every Masjid and Islamic Center has a story that needs to be told and has a message that needs to be heard, and it needs a tool that is simple, beautiful, functional and easily to reaches the people.  The wide variety of tools and outstanding support from the Masjid Builder team, gives your organization a leg up on shaping the face of Islam in your community.

Since we only create websites for Masajid and Islamic Centers, all of our energy and focus goes toward creating the best possible experience and results for Masjid and Islamic Center websites.  The things we learn from developing one project are immediately integrated into the work that we do for all of our clients both new and existing.

With a Masjid Builder website your organization will be able to focus on living out its core mission to serve the people in the community given them a place to worship to be supported to be helped, knowing that face of the community will be well represented with your site.

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