Masjid Builder Online Masjid Management and Dawah Software was developed to correct the plague of poor quality websites representing our Masajid, Islamic Centers and Muslim communities the world over.  The Masjid Builder suite of services has a package for every size community, simple and straight forward for our smaller communities and feature rich and robust for those large communities that need powerful management tools.

Masjid Builder websites give your community not only a top notch design, but we take care of the most important part of developing a strong web presence, the site maintenance.  We have seen all too often passionate volunteers undertake an ambitious web development project only to lose momentum and effectiveness and priorties and responsibilities change.  At Masjid Builder we feel it is our responsibility to help every masjid develop a world class web presence that they can afford and that represents Islam and the Muslims in the best possible way.

Our packages include a wide variety of communications and dawah management tools for your Masjid or Islamic center, as well as a member community that you can share experiences and best practices with for managing masjid affairs and effective dawah programs.

Masjid Builder websites and software are exceedingly affordable given that we use every site as an effective fundraising tool for your masjid or Islamic center.  Your startup cost and the cost for our professional site maintenance make for an easy decision to take your masjid or Islamic center's web communications to the next level.


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