Plus Features


Very active communities will find a weekly or monthly newsletter a great way to keep everyone informed in a simple and concise way.  Masjid Builder will give you a simple, well design newsletter template that you can send to your mailing list.  You can either create content especially for the newsletter, or use the newsletter to compile the content already present on your Masjid Builder website.  Newsletters with a good distribution are a great opportunity for local businesses to advertise and sponsor the newsletter.  You can add content to the newsletter yourself of we can build the newsletter and send it out for you. 

Community Forum

The community forum gives your community a place to have open and transparent discussion about issues and concerns in the community.  All community forums are restricted to registered members and are moderated by someone designated from your community.  The forums are a great way for people to share a range of views, and let new discussion participants see the history of a discussion and join in with a better understanding.  The forums are a great complement to the blogs for deeper discussion and member restricted conversations. 


Polls give your community the opportunity to hold votes or informal polls on any range of issues (from food selections, to giving out service awards, to picking a location for a family picnic).  Polls are simple to add and administer and make it easy to share community wide opinion efficiently and in real-time. 

Document Exchange

A best practice for community organizations is to have all forms and policies publicly posted or made easily accessible to all members of the community.  Your Masjid Builder site offers you a repository for storing documents of all types.  Not only can you store policies and forms, but you can also store and distribute class materials, flyers, planning guides, schedules and resumes, among other things.  The document can offer different levels of access to different users, as well as completely restrict access to unauthorized users. 

Business Directory

In a growing and diverse community a business directory is a great way to enlist the support of the business community in helping to develop the masjid and community.  Your business directory will give you not only the opportunity to list Muslim owned businesses, but also for community members to offer feedback and comments about the business.  Directories can be paid or free of charge for listing, or you might simply ask for a modest donation from the directory members for their listing.  The business directory is a great way to generate revenue from your website while strengthening the Muslim Community network. 

Video Gallery

With the rapid growth of online video sites such as You Tube, a number of communities are increasing the amount of video they produce with excellent Islamic content.  A well selected video gallery can be a great dawah and outreach tool for your local community.  Adding video from your masjid or Islamic center’s events can help community friends and supporters share in the success and development of the community when they can not be there in person.  We can help you to build a top quality Video Gallery that supports the themes and message you want to convey from your community. 

SMS Text Message Notifications

Your site users can subscribe to SMS Text Message notifications from your site.  An easy to use interface allows you to send free mass text messages to your subscribers. (Text messaging fees may apply to subscribers, they should check with their wireless carrier for applicable fees.)  You can organize subscribers into groups and send notices for things such as: Ramadan or Eid start days, child pick up times, closures and weather related issues, janazah notifications, sick visit notifications, new baby births etc.