Standard Features

Community Calendar

The community calendar allows you to list all of your community activities and important dates on a public calendar to keep everyone informed and up to speed.  The calendar can send a feed to the home page that shows both upcoming and recently passed events.  You can link articles or galleries to past events to share the memories and experiences in your community.  The calendar has an easy to use interface that lets the administrator enter one-time and recurring events for any number of event categories.

Content Management

Your Masjid Builder software gives you an extremely easy to use content management system that enables you to add content and pages to your site as easily as sending an email.  You can give access to multiple users to author, edit and publish content on the site, or you can simply email your content to the Masjid Builder Support Center and we can add it to the site for you.  And of course for maximum flexibility we can offer you a combination of self-maintenance and professional maintenance.  We provide instruction and tutorials on how to add pictures, audio files and with the Plus and Advance Packages video via the content management system. 


On your home page we can create a space for regular announcements and news updates designed to quickly inform your community and supporters of important news and events.  The Newsflash is easy to maintain and manage yourself or you can email the Masjid Builder Support Center and we can add it to the site for you.

Standard Designs

Masjid Builder offers a number of current, modern, WC3 compliant designs that will have your site looking great from day one.  We also offer two free logo options for your site.  Every design offers flexible color schemes and fonts to give your site a unique and professional look.  Custom design services are available. 

Audio Gallery

Do you wish that your friend in another city could have heard today’s Khutbah, she would have loved the message?  With your Masjid Builder Audio Gallery you can offer a full compliment of audio recordings from classes, the weekly jummah khutbah and any special events you have available.  The audio can be made available for both online streaming and downloading.  An audio gallery is a great way to build a community archive and chart the history and progress of your community’s development.  As a dawah tool, an audio gallery gives your masjid a way to share the message of Islam with your local community and encourage them to learn about Islam.  

Planning Guides

All of our community members are encouraged to share best practices for any aspect of masjid management, community development or event planning.  We keep a shared repository of planning guides and case studies for Masjid Builder members to use and adapt for their needs.  The planning guides include things such as board of directors practices, budgeting, Eid prayer planning, Wedding (Walimah) Planning etc. 

Online Donation Collection

One of the key reasons for investing in a strong web presence is creating another avenue for generating funds and revenue for your masjid or Islamic center.  Every Masjid Builder site is equipped with the ability to accept funds online via credit card, PayPal and/or Google Checkout.  In addition to accepting monetary donations, we can create contact pages for book drives, food drives, clothing drives or all for open donations to any number of needs. Your supporters can donate for a specific program or project or simply to the general fund.  Your new Masjid Builder site will make online donations easy for your supports making your new site that much more affordable. 

Support Forums

Masjid Builder believes in mutual support and development so we created member support forums.  The support forums are a platform for you to find answers to common and some uncommon questions about the best way to utilize your website and management software.  Our support center answers questions in the forum throughout the day; in addition to our user support, other Masjid Builder community members offer advice and answers via the forum from true, real-time, hands on experience. 

Prayer Schedule

Every Masjid Builder site offers two sets of Prayer Schedule information, both a complete schedule for the calculated time of the Salat in your location, as well as the time for the athan and prayer in your Masjid or Islamic center.  During Ramadan we offer each site a fully customized printable prayer schedule with local events included. 

Hijri Calendar

In an effort to preserve one of Islam’s strongest and most important symbols, we give every site the option of simple text hijri calendar or graphical hijri calendar on the home page.  Understanding that moon sighting and calculation methods might vary slightly from location to location, you are able to adjust the days to ensure the most accurate date is always displayed on your home page. 


A best practice for community organizations that seek to promote transparency and inclusion is for the organization’s leadership to write in a blog for community members and/or the public to read and offer comments and feedback.  All Masjid Builder sites come with the capability for offering unlimited blogs with the ability for user comments and feedback.  Some blogs are as simple as offering a weekly transcript of the Jummah Khutbah while others may find it a great way to interact with the community and keep them advised of important issues.