Website Maintenance


ll Masjid Builder websites come with a minimum of one year of website maintenance.  It is our belief that maintaining your top-notch website is just as important as developing the website.  We've seen far too many sites developed with a great amount of passion only to have them fall by the wayside a few months later because of a change in volunteer structure, or busy schedules causing the site to be neglected.  Let a website become neglected is a recipe for waste and frustration.  

Masjid Builder Web Maintenance Includes:
  • Security Updates
  • Weekly Database and Content back-ups
  • Site Marketing
  • Site Optimization
  • Weekly Content Additions (News, Articles, Audio, Video, Calendar, Newsletter, etc. not all additions available with every level of membership)
  • Ramadan and Eid Designs

And while we take full responsibility for maintaining the site for a least one year we are happy to train volunteers and staff from your organization or community to maintain and further develop the site.  We just know from experience that it's better to have a fully accountable professional staff for at least 12 months after launching the website to ensure that it is fully utilized by the community.

Since we only create websites for Masajid and Islamic Centers, all of our energy and focus goes toward creating the best possible experience and results for Masjid and Islamic Center websites.  The things we learn from developing one project are immediately integrated into the work that we do for all of our clients both new and existing.  It is because of the constant improvement and learning that we do, that we insist on maintaining all of our members websites for at least 12 months.